vocabulary words

vacuum breaker - A vacuum breaker is an attachment commonly placed on a bibcock valve or toilet or urinal flush valve, that prevents water from being siphoned backward into the public drinking water system. This prevents contamination should the public drinking water syst

sound creep -

Windsor Probe - The Windsor Probe System determines the compressive strength of in-place concrete. The non-destructive system is used on both fresh and mature concrete, either horizontally or vertically. The system rapidly and accurately determines the concrete compress

Turn of the nut - Turn-Of-Nut is performed by rotating the nut or bolt of a fastener assembly a specific turn angle based on the fastener's length, and diameter while restraining the unturned element from rotating.

Tributary Area - The tributary area is a loaded area that contributes to the load on the. member supporting that area, ex. the area from the center between two beams to the center of the next two beams for the full span is the load on the center beam. It can also be calle